Robots for the people

Research and tools exploration do no have to be expensive or complex


An improved system that offers superior performance keeping a compact size
Streaming live video to surface
Vectored thrusters
Simple interface, operation from a gamepad
Dive to 100m
Interchangeable battery in 20 seconds

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Investigation, inspection and data acquisition in the marine environment at an affordable price and easy to use

Assembling OpenROV

We offer the assembling service for those of you who want to enjoy the OpenROV directly from the box.

Courses and Workshops

Come to know the amazing world of underwater drones with our team of professionals and researchers. The professionals in our team offer a wide variety of theoretical and practical courses which will help you get to know these new devices.

Development of new utilities

We listen to your news and adapt ourselves to them, making the right devices for your needs you have. These modifications can involve camera adaptation, different thrusters, etc

Development of full projects

Tell us your idea, and we will work together to make it a reality. We will put all our tools and knowledge at your service to carry out your project.